Seasons in Southeast - LKN

Seasons in SouthEast is a tribute to the time spent in SE London and the memories that came from the incredible connections made. Songs that narrate the times spent walking around streets, conversations with friends, and trying to grasp aspects of life at that time. The is a snapshot of 3 influential years (2014-2017) and the music that was apart of it.⁣

Adrian Buendia is an amateur creator that deals in nostalgia. Inspired by the past, Adrian weaves past/current experiences across all mediums they work in to help shape their future creations.⁣
Adrian is apart of the LKN Collective and in the past worked with other collectives like Blvck Teens, Idrawalot, and Big Brain/Smooth Brain. Adrian is currently living in Brooklyn, NY. ⁣

LKN is a collective working in different mediums. LKN collaborates with a variety of creators working across visual and audio experiences.

Pont Smith - Soul Secretion

Soul Secretion is a ceremony of nihility, conjured through the disembodied spirit of the cursed. A desolate voyage that exhumes life’s visceral lethargy, devouring embers of introspection. This projection of mortality concludes through a descention into the abyss, where death is the only victor. ⁣

Pont Smith is a multifaceted hologram, dredged from the bowels of Kent and now enduring London. With an interest in the occult, Pont uses their curiosity of the supernatural to communicate the fragility of reality through many diverse mediums.⁣

Shannon Kurlander - Housewives Happy Hour

Housewives Happy Hour includes music compiled by Shannon Kurlander and artwork by Kashton Kane. Housewives Happy Hour channels the white picket fence and fresh apple pie. Stepford wives and Wisteria Lane. Meticulous suburban and mundanely suburban. A martini mix of 50s doo wop, pop, jazz and soul channels desperation to destruction. ⁣

“Life’s a dungeon so throw your sponge in”⁣

Shannon Kurlander is a Mid-Atlantic polymath stationed in South London

 Luke Overin - Peninsula

Luke Overin is a visual artist, born in Margate and now residing in South East London. He is interested in the act of outward performance; of self, others and groups. His work explores how these acts of performance manifest themselves through aesthetic, ritualistic and material expressions of subcultural behaviour. His interests draw on customs, ceremonies, geographic sites and visual signifiers associated with a wide and varied number of groups/societies. His work is often dismantled and realised through photographic, film, installation and mixed media-based artworks.

The ‘Peninsula’ mixtape creates a loose and fictional journey across Great Britain during the Solar Eclipse of 1999. The mixtape is intended as an accompaniment to the book ‘Lizard Point ‘99’ which is a forthcoming release on Bronze Age Editions. The cassette contains old and new British electronic and experimental music and the majority of tracks have a specific relation to a region or place within the U.K. Each side of the mixtape has an original field recording on it; these are unearthed, long lost accounts of the 1999 total solar eclipse, as narrated by the general public of the U.K.

Eddie Langham - The Leather Apron Gave Me Fits

Eddie Langham is a Genderqueer artist living and working in London. Their artistic practice focuses on the exploration of their identity and the mutibility of the Queer body. They approach personal elements and treat their work as a psychoanalytic exorcism or catharsis. Through this they explore personal and collective trauma, looking to find truth and harmony in the depths of human existence. Their work often concerns itself with the gendered body and the trauma and joy attached to being born Non-Binary. Transformation and ritual sit at the centre of their practice. These themes manifest themselves through ceremonies exploring life, death and rebirth through sacrifice and performed bodily transformation. Their background in fashion and performance means they consider elements like film, sound, movement and costuming essential to the presentation, as though raw and synthetic body/identity modification they explore the degendered self and its capacity for metamorphosis.

"The Leather Apron Gave Me Fits" is intended to create your very own death disco. Eddie was inspired by the notion of Liminality and the Liminal space. Which is how they have felt this past year with all the uncertainty and despair of Covid-19. This non-space/non-time has reminded them of when they have been in their worst depressive episodes. However as well as soundtracking their intrusive thoughts, this mixtape conjures notions of ecstasy, freedom and joy. Finding positivity through these "uncertain times''. All images are A.I. generated portraits of Eddie or their ultimate muse and Grade Dame Barbara Cartland. All words, poems and images are their own except for letters sent by Jack the Ripper which gives this piece its title.

Eddie would like to encourage everyone to support Trans and Non-Binary rights, here are some links for how you can help Trans people in the UK:


Cali DeWitt - Wet Jazz

Cali Dewitt is a multi dimensional water bug who lives and works in Los Angeles.

Wet Jazz is a salute to the music of Pacific Ocean which is a combination of sharks and sandpipers and jellyfish and seals and dolphins and sea slugs and screeching bros all of whom tap the source in unison. Once you tune into this lifestyle you may not be able to tune out ever again.